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A Reflection on the State of my Neglected Blog

Hello everyone, I have not been blogging for a number of, domestic, a rheumatoid flare, tiredness, other demands, no time. And no creativity.  I have not felt like blogging.  I think this is because my blog has become very prosaic and mechanical. A sort of I made this from this pattern, a few pictures (poorly lit and not very good) and rather humdrum script. Sort of average at best. The trouble is, that does not really reflect me, the sewer - or for that matter, the person, at all.  While I am quite average in my everyday life, I do have other talents too.  Or did, before they got buried under the reality of everyday life. (Although... I have to admit my life has also become rather humdrum, prosaic and mechanical - so perhaps my blog is reflecting my life, if not the life of the person living my life).  (And for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that last year was quite a topsy turvy's taken most of the year t