A Reflection on the State of my Neglected Blog

Hello everyone,

I have not been blogging for a number of reasons...work, domestic, a rheumatoid flare, tiredness, other demands, no time.

And no creativity.  I have not felt like blogging.  I think this is because my blog has become very prosaic and mechanical.

A sort of I made this from this pattern, a few pictures (poorly lit and not very good) and rather humdrum script. Sort of average at best.

The trouble is, that does not really reflect me, the sewer - or for that matter, the person, at all.  While I am quite average in my everyday life, I do have other talents too.  Or did, before they got buried under the reality of everyday life.

(Although... I have to admit my life has also become rather humdrum, prosaic and mechanical - so perhaps my blog is reflecting my life, if not the life of the person living my life). 

(And for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that last year was quite a topsy turvy one...it's taken most of the year to get things back to a new sort of normal).

If that makes sense...

So, I am just having period of reflection - quite fitting really, because today is the anniversary of me joining the world of work 45 years ago as a student nurse - at the age of 17, in a very busy, acute care hospital.

And along the way, I have done other jobs as well.  I have also managed to complete a Bachelor of Arts (Hons. 1) and a Psychology degree.  Hard to envisage, now, really!

Now I am married to my job...seriously!  My husband is a medical practitioner so my role is very supportive - both domestically and with the practice.

My husband is also developing more health problems, which, n

But while that is laudable, it takes a lot of time, and takes a lot of time away from my life and interests.

So no wonder I was tired!

My husband is also developing more health problems, which he manages well.  Still, it is a source of some concern to both of us.  Life marches on.

And retirement...while I have mentioned that it will happen soon, every year it gets postponed another 18 months.  My husband is a serial procrastinator on that front.  I can hardly blame him - he still has a lot to offer the world with his knowledge and expertise. And once retired, there is no going back...

So while nothing much will change (while of course, life continues to constantly change )  , I intend to get back to my interests. I hope that  means managing to find a little more time to sew - at the moment, it's usually done in small snatches of time, usually 5:30 in the morning!  

And I hope back to blogging.  It was my special, quiet, time.  We all need an hour of quiet time a week.  I have not been having this, and have ended up feeling quite stressed and irritable.

 And maybe one or two other things as well.  Maybe new interests, or perhaps old ones in a new guise.

All to be revealed as it unfolds in time and life...

Take care everyone

Sarah Liz


  1. So sorry to hear of your husband's ongoing health issues, and I am aware how draining this can be. You are amazing how you fit in so much, even sewing at 5.30 am! Blog when you are able and feel like it, we will all enjoy your posts whenever they appear. Many of us have come to a point of blog fatigue - in fact I am beginning to wonder if a blog also has a natural lifespan which fades off eventually! All the best to you both, and happy sewing.

  2. Life does make it hard to blog, read blogs and even more to comment but I do read and enjoy your blog and your journey with sewing. Take care of yourself, we will always be here and so sorry to hear of your husband's ongoing health issues it takes so much out of you.

  3. I hear you. I avoid doing things that I don't enjoy, in as much as I have a choice. No blog police out there... I do find, however, that blogging is a nice way to combat isolation, that bugaboo of depression. And I derive a sense of friendship and camaraderie from the community of bloggers and readers. Thank you for sharing your feelings, SarahLiz.

  4. You've been through a lot of 'life' challenges, particularly this past year and then some so it is completely understandable what you are feeling. As a fellow long-time blogger, I go through these sort of phases (feelings) too..... sometimes it's the blog.... sometimes it's ig.... sometimes it's both!... it's so hard to find the "just right" balance. Then of course if 'life' would just cooperate!!!!! Anyway... all this to say it's all okay and good. Whatever works in your schedule, or not, it's you and your well being that is important.

  5. My Mr almost 18 arrived in a year when a lot happened to us. By the end of the year we were utterly exhausted and not able to take time out at all. Instead we had to carry on - much as you have done.

    Our creativity did suffer and was diminished for a while. It eventually returned, when we had had sufficient time to recover.

    Wishing you well!

  6. You have faced so many challenges this past year and I realize that most of them don't seem to be letting up. So much depends on you, you must be kind to yourself first. If that means some obligations like your blogging go longer between posts or even stop for a while then that's what you need to do to do to take care of yourself. When ou're less stress, the creativity will come back.

  7. I'm afraid that ageing and health issues (both DH and me - like you) come uninvited and have a a major impact on life and activities. I'll be reading any blog you post (hopefully) even if like this one I'm reading several days after it was posted. Good luck with your plans - and I hope that this year sees an improvement in health for you both. Look after yourself.

  8. As one who took an unintentional hiatus in blogging, I definitely understand and can relate to several of your comments. As others have stated, self-care is important and if that means blogging takes a back seat, so be it. Those who adore and support you will always be around. {{{hugs}}} I hope this year brings you and DH much peace.

  9. Blogging, at best, is a way to share what is happening in your life. But I find that I sometimes am not ready to share challenges and concerns before I have had a chance to organize them internally. I love reading your blog and hope you continue to share your sewing and news with all of us, when you are able.


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