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Just a Blog Post - Thank you for your Replies - What's Coming Up on SarahLizSewStyle

 Hello to all my Sewing Friends in Sewing Blog Land, I promise I will get back to pictures and sewing content next week.  I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comments.  Life has been busy here (what's new) and some exciting things to share with you are in the pipeline. First though, I am really glad there is an audience for sewing blogs still.  I myself prefer more detail and often look up a pattern on a blog to see more detail, if I find a post on Instagram.  It seems a lot of you prefer more details as well. Going through your comments, a few themes emerge: With pandemic or age related life style changes many of you do not know what to sew or have stopped sewing. Instagram does not allow much in the way of sewing detail so some of you read blogs because you like more detail and information - in other words actual sewing content, along with time to read them because you can find them over time. Pattern reviews, along with  information about the pattern, fabric use,

Just a Blog Post

Hello Sewing Blog readers, Life caught up with me in quite a way over the last few years and had no time for blogging. In the meantime, the world has changed enormously, both in everyday reality and in the virtual reality of social media.  Many sewers now post on Instagram. I enjoy Instagram, very much in moderation.  Too much, and I soon overload and switch it off for a while. Perhaps because of more "instant" types of social media, sewing bloggers seem to have discontinued blogging and swapped platforms. In the meantime, I am left wondering if anyone reads sewing blogs any longer. If you do, perhaps you could leave me a comment and tell me what you like in a sewing blog or what sort of posts in a sewing, style and fashion blog (and perhaps allied crafts)  you want to read. That's it for now, over to you for your comments, Take care Sarah Liz