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SarahLizSewStyle Update

                           Image taken from the Australian Academy of Image Facebook Page I t's a very long time since I have written a blog post.  Life has been very full but not full of the activities that I enjoy! In other words, sewing and allied activities have taken a back seat while life rather took over. I don't want to go into details particularly.  Of course, we all had Covid to deal wtih.  My husband and I are also self employed, so had stresses associated with that.  I got quite upset when people were enjoying Covid lockdowns so they could sew a lot!  Jealous, almost... And now we have a troubled world, with a war in Europe that shows no signs of ending.  The geopolitical stage is changing, along with the economic world, Much as I predicted it would 20 years ago. As for my  husband, he had a bout of this and that over the last couple of years.  I also have had a few health problems.  My husband has a number of medical issues he manages well, but he is quite demorali

Rebecca Page Brand Ambassador.

  Happy New Year to all my followers. Finally back to blogging after two very strange years the world over. I am pleased to announce that I am now a Brand Ambassador for Rebecca Page Patterns.   Over the next year I will be posting garments or anything else that I have made from Rebecca Page Patterns. Rebecca Page Patterns can be found at :   Patterns are available for Women, Men, Children.  Lingerie, Bags, Hats, Gifts, and all sorts of other patterns   can also be found.  Rebecca Page Patterns has just introduced a new Curvy size range. Patterns are available in PDF format. My first make for Rebecca Page Patterns was for Women's Jersey Pyjamas.  The pattern is also available for children and men, or in a family bundle. Until next time, Sarah Liz x