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SarahLizSewStyle Update

                           Image taken from the Australian Academy of Image Facebook Page I t's a very long time since I have written a blog post.  Life has been very full but not full of the activities that I enjoy! In other words, sewing and allied activities have taken a back seat while life rather took over. I don't want to go into details particularly.  Of course, we all had Covid to deal wtih.  My husband and I are also self employed, so had stresses associated with that.  I got quite upset when people were enjoying Covid lockdowns so they could sew a lot!  Jealous, almost... And now we have a troubled world, with a war in Europe that shows no signs of ending.  The geopolitical stage is changing, along with the economic world, Much as I predicted it would 20 years ago. As for my  husband, he had a bout of this and that over the last couple of years.  I also have had a few health problems.  My husband has a number of medical issues he manages well, but he is quite demorali