Rebecca Page Brand Ambassador.


Happy New Year to all my followers. Finally back to blogging after two very strange years the world over.

I am pleased to announce that I am now a Brand Ambassador for Rebecca Page Patterns.  

Over the next year I will be posting garments or anything else that I have made from Rebecca Page Patterns.

Rebecca Page Patterns can be found at :   Patterns are available for Women, Men, Children.  Lingerie, Bags, Hats, Gifts, and all sorts of other patterns   can also be found.  Rebecca Page Patterns has just introduced a new Curvy size range.

Patterns are available in PDF format.

My first make for Rebecca Page Patterns was for Women's Jersey Pyjamas.  The pattern is also available for children and men, or in a family bundle.

Until next time,

Sarah Liz x


  1. Hello Sarah Liz, how lovely to see you back. Your are looking very stylish in your Jersey PJs, and congratulations of being a Brand Ambassador. I had a look at the patterns, and there are lots of interesting options there. Looking forward to seeing more of your Rebecca Page sewing.

  2. I am so happy to see you back 😊

  3. YAY!! Glad you're back and yay for the partnership with Rebecca Page! I participated in the Sewing Summit last year and her team was really great to work with.


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